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How to choose the right truck body!

There  are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right truck body for your vehicle. Weigh loads, power-ancillary equipment, and type of material are among the most important things to have in mind. Weigh loads come in different shapes and loads, such as pallets, lose boxes and cargo, etc,. Overlooking these could create mayor logistical and operational issues that will ultimately be quite costly. This will also help to determine the dimensions of your body truck, as every inch counts. A truck body too high  will end up adding extra fuel to your bill and added drag to your truck. Check our Truck Body Chassis table to see some of the common shapes and pre-design chassis available at ACE. Powered-ancillary equipment is a common feature  for truck bodies. Items such as refrigeration motors, cranes, electric lifts among others are often required. Effective and efficient designs will always dictate that less or more, is not good when it comes to vehicles and features. You should aim to find the right size feature that matches the size of the truck engine so no added stress and fuel consumption is put on the truck. Our knowledgeable staff at ACE can guide you on the right direction to achieve the highest productivity with less cost over time when adding or modifying your truck body feature! The material you choose will determine the longevity and fuel consumption of your truck.  High quality steel, although heavier than Aluminium, has been the prefer choice for truck bodies throughout the last decades. Quality steel provides the strength needed for a variety of demanding loads against other materials. It is important to protect any steel truck body with a good galvanic layer to protect the body from rust. At ACE all our body trucks are made of  high quality and galvanise steel. High quality steel mixed with expert engineering and the right features will give you an efficient and durable truck body that will provide you with value over time. Give us a call or email us so we can help you with all your body truck needs! Do you know what you are after? Get a Quote here!