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Swimming Pool Trailers & Custom Truck Trailers

Central Coast – Sydney – Newcastle – Australia

We have a range of pre designed truck trailers to select from depending on your transporting needs and also offer custom drafting and design and build and manufacturing of truck trailers and trailers so we cater for all types of transporting.

Semi-trailers and truck trailers such as container carriers, platform trailers, livestock trailers, timber trailers, transport / auto carriers, timber carriers what ever the type of merchandise you need to carry we have a truck trailer or trailer body for it. We supply specialty trucks and truck trailers for every type of transporting needs.

Australian truck trailer manufacturer

We design and build all of our truck trailers in NSW Australia which means you get your product fast and have piece of mind that it meets Australian Standards.

Truck trailer repairs & modification

We also offer repairs, modification, inspection and services to your existing trailers and truck trailers.








Our Semi-trailers are design to support heavy loads ( up to 4 tonnes) and come with Hydraulic arms to give you the power, support and reliability to move greater loads otherwise to great for a smaller trailer.

If you have a transportation business or pool business and you are looking for a transportation solution our Pool trailer is perfect for you. Its unique size and capabilities will provide you with an effective solution operationally and financially.

Swimming pool trailer carrier
Swimming pool trailer carrier

this video shows the trailer arms in the action of a custom made trailer made to carry swimming pools.