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At Applied Concept Engineering we take Australian Standards very seriously making sure that there is a high level of compliance in all equipment that gets inspected.

As part of our skilled and experienced staff, we have an approved VSCCS Licensed Certifier  for the following Vehicles Categories:

  • Bus GVM >4.5 Tonnes (B) (P*(Tow couplings)
  • Medium and heavy vehicles and trailers (H). J&P*(Body fit & Tow couplings)

To determine what is a significant modification to a light or heavy vehicles please refer to the following links:

Light Vehicle- Vehicle Standards Information Sheet 6 (VSI 6)

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Code of Practice for Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications for Heavy Vehicle Modifications.

For more information please visit the latest Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme Bulletin 1

You Can contact us either by phone on 0404 332 211 or simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you with any information you might need including available times for inspection and documentation required.


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